Helene Billgren – Internmeddelanden. 300 internal messages from Helene Billgren.

30 May 1999 5 September 1999

Separate exhibition
Main hall, Färgfabriken

During the last ten years Helene Billgren has increasingly established her position as one of the most interesting female artists in Sweden. Now she is presented in full figure for the first time, in the largest solo exhibition ever shown at Färgabriken. With more than 300 artworks she takes on both the big hall and the three project rooms. 200 of these works are new – accompanied by some of the most important pieces from the last ten years of production. In addition to drawings, objects are also exhibited.

For the exhibition, a catalogue is produced, which is an artwork in itself, where about 200 of Helene Billgren’s drawings are represented in a design created by the artist herself and Färgfabriken’s Hans Kvam and Henrik der Minassian.

It is not a coincidence that Helene Billgren chose to call her exhibition Internmeddelanden (“Internal messages”). Her art can be seen as a kind of internal messages: from the artist herself to the surrounding world. With humor and unusual power of observation she has developed a manner of drawing where the perspectives both metaphorically and literally are being distorted. The inspiration comes from the world of cartoons as much as from a classical imagery. This generous exhibition gives the spectator a chance to take part in this through drawings and objects. Also, a very special “house” is made for the big hall at Färgfabriken, where the visitors themselves become parts of Helene Billgren’s play with perspectives.