Fredrik Wretman Looking for Alice Fine

16 September 2006 22 October 2006

Solo exhibition
Main hall, Färgfabriken

 Looking for Alice Fine. Fredrik Wretman fills Färgfabrikens main hall in water.

This autumns large exhibition at Färgfabriken is Looking for Alice Fine by Fredrik Wretman. Wretman is the first artist to get his second large one-man exhibition at Färgfabriken. It has – as was in 1997 – begun on a small scale, with an idea around a work becoming an idea around an exhibition that has since transformed to a large scale installation.

Looking for Alice Fine is an exhibition with three seperate elements in an installation – summarized and representing a new step for one of Sweden’s most important artists since the middle of the 1980’s. The project will also lead to a book on Fredrik Wretman that Färgfabriken will release in 2007.

The exhibition plays with a classic Wretmanesque double meaning: He opens the room and then closes it. Through that was has become Wretmans signature: The water installation. All of Färgfabrikens exhibition hall will disappear. Not metaphorically but physically. Fredrik Wretman immerses the hall under water and builds, on one aspect, a perfect mirror which makes the ceiling seem sunk in the floor. A gust of wind or a finger on the blank surface – and all sets into swinging.