Elin Unnes – Guides us into the darker corners of nature

7 October 2023

Elin Unnes guides us through both theory, practice and philosophy into the darker corners of nature and tells us about herbs for magic, medicine and spiritual care.

On October 7 at 16.00 at Färgfabriken.

The lecture is held in Swedish and costs SEK 80 SEK (entrance to the art gallery is included).

In the context of the exhibition whatever lives bends down, the author and farmer Elin Unnes comes to Färgfabriken for a talk about cultivation, death and rebirth. From musk grass’s ability to create contact with the ancestors to the rose’s role in the world’s first murder. Through philosophy and practice we follow her into the darker corners of nature, and also learn how to make the best snaps for funerals.