Drumliner – a performance by Mats Flink, about man's constant quest for development

19 August 2012, 22 August 2012, 25 November 2012

Drumliner is inspired by Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad) about man’s constant endeavor for development and attempt to understand oneself. It’s a performance where dance, theatre, music and film come together in order to highlight the contradictions between captivity and freedom, openness and isolation. In the perfomance, a percussionist takes over the rhythm of a piling machine and makes it his own. The installation creates a space where dancers and percussionist challenge each other and our view of construction and civilization. The word Drumlin is of Celtic origin and it could be loosely translated as “little ridge”. The word is used as a scientific term regarding the structure of the ground describing a flat, arched hill stretched and created by the massive movement of ice. The area surrounding Hackvad in Närke is known to be one of the finest examples of a Drumlinelandscape in Sweden.