Breaking Eyes – an exhibition about technique and new media.

19 April 1996 19 May 1996

Group exhibition

Participating artists: Simo Alitalo, Andy Best & Merja Puustinen, Lova Hamilton, Mats Hjelm, Maria Liulia, Jamo Nauska & Matti Knaapi, Marjatta Oja, Erik Pauser & Cecilia Parsberg, Manna Karin Ryander & Per-Olof Sandberg, Helene Selvåg, Palle Torsson.

All over the world people are talking about new technology and new media, about the fact that we live in a time of profound transformations. From an industrial society based on big machinery and physical products we have already moved far in to an information based society founded on ones and zeroes, i.e. something we can neither see or touch but still radically changes our living conditions, our way of thinking and our ways of communicating with each other.

BREAKING EYES is an exhibition with art from the Nordic countries where the common theme is a new technology and new media. It is the first of its kind. It’s a broad presentation that isn’t just about displaying art that makes use of the new opportunities of our time – it’s just as much an opportunity to discuss and analyze what these important changes actually bring.

BREAKING EYES is an exhibition that checks the temperature of the society we live in and the society we will live in. How will new means of communication affect our reality – and identity? How does this influence our language, our ways of expressing ourselves? Welcome to an exhibition for all senses, BREAKING EYES at Färgfabriken.