Arijana Kajfes – Occular Witness. Examinations of the physical capacity of light.

6 May 2004 16 May 2004

Main hall, Färgfabriken

Färgfabriken has the honour of presenting the project Occular Witness by Arijana Kajfes. It’s not only an exhibition, but also a presentation of an artistic research-project in the form of an exhibition, a book and a seminar.

Occular Witness springs from Arijana Kajfes examinations of what light really is and what it consist of. She bases her studies on the physical forms of light, as wave, particle and energy. This is the basis for a discussion around what information actually is – viewed from it’s smallest parts, guanta of light. According to Kajfes light can be seen as a state before or beyond language: an raw material before it reaches the eye where it is structured and interpreted, meaning it becomes language.

The installation takes the shape of a “laboratory”, that is an ongoing investigation, which consists of six different stations that each examines diverse processes of light and the eye’s perception of light. In the installation there is both artificial and organic light absorption and light rendering sources.

Occular Witness is a project that has been conducted at and financed by the Smart Studio at the Interactive Institute during the period 2001 – 2004. The Smart Studio is an interdisciplinary research group devoted to critical studies in the fields of art and technology.

The project is one of the studios pilotprojects, where Arijana Kajfes together with the studio manager Ingvar Sjöberg and the other collegues have tried to create an alternative to academic research.

Arijana Kajfes conducted the project in collaboration with Pablo Miranda, Alberto Frigo, Ann-Sofie Börjesson, Aurelian and Lili Bria at the Smart Studio, Interactive Institute.