Architectures – Eight Contemporary Studies

31 August 24 November

Group exhibition
Main hall, Färgfabriken
Selection and exhibition architecture: Karolina Keyzer

Participating architects: Daniel Norell and Einar Rodhe (Sweden), Christin Svensson (Sweden), Daniel Johansson (Sweden), Anders Wilhelmson (Sweden), Eugenia Bevz and Konstantin Mirosh (Sweden), Walter Hjaltested and Caterina Decker (Iceland and Switzerland), Eveliina Sarapää (Finland) and Astrid Rohde Wang (Norway).

Vernissage 31 August 11.00–16.00, with opening speech at 12.00.
The exhibition also includes a creative workshop.

The autumn of 2024 will feature a deeper look into architecture, inviting visitors to approach it from new perspectives. The focus will be on architecture as an art form in its own right and its capacity to fulfil basic human needs and urges. In eight large-scale models, the invited architects explore themes such as love, belonging, and support. The exhibition is a way to return to the core of architecture and its potential to improve people’s lives and provide solutions to the challenges of our time, offering us the opportunity to experience architecture through one of its most important tools – the model.

Participating architects

Astrid Rodhe Wang


In the exhibition, the Norwegian architect Astrid Rodhe Wang invites us into an ongoing process where she explores the concept of security with fundamental architectural building blocks.

Anders Wilhelmson


Anders Wilhelmson is an architect and professor emeritus. His architecture is based on an unconditional love for the discipline, serving as a counterforce in our time when it is often regarded merely as an investment object. The focus here is on the model, formulation, and thought process.

Walter Hjaltested & Caterina Decker


The architects Walter Hjaltested and Caterina Decker, an Icelandic-Swiss couple currently based in Basel, work with the concepts of support and supporting. In their model, they explore the relationship between openness and closure, between supporting and being supported.

Daniel Norell & Einar Rodhe


The architects Daniel Norell and Einar Rodhe work with architecture as a cultural practice. In their model, they explore the concept of “gathering” as a starting point for architecture. Old objects are given new contexts through precise selection and new organization.

Daniel Johansson


In his self-invented theme, the architect Daniel Johansson explores pre-use with different aspects of time, space, kinship and context. The model brings together unique artifacts from several ongoing projects in a multifaceted pre-stage.

Eveliina Sarapää


Eveliina Sarapää, a Finnish architect with Sámi roots from Ohcejohka. Eveliina is driven by questions about how heritage and belonging can be transformed into architecture. In her model, she uses her homeland’s hunting techniques and traditional patterns to invite broader discussions about architecture as a carrier of culture.

Christin Svensson

Public space

Christin Svensson, a Swedish architect and educator, has extensive experience from innovative projects in international contexts. Through her model, Christin explores Stockholm’s public urban spaces in an inviting and playful manner, while simultaneously challenging questions about freedom and constraints in the public realm.

Eugenia Bevz & Konstantin Mirosh


Eugenia and Konstantin are an architect duo based in Stockholm, with roots in Ukraine. In their collage model, they study various scenarios, functions, and experiences of the neighborhood as a typology.

A part of the Architecture Triennial 2024


The exhibition is the starting point for the Architecture Triennial, a new platform for explorations and long-term collaborations between architects, artists and civil society organisation. 

The Triennial was initiated by Färgfabriken, and is envisioned as a recurring forum for architecture and urban development, a meeting place where everyone can discuss built environments and the future. The exhibition this autumn will serve as a hub for the new initiative, where both experts and the general public can meet to explore and discuss the core issues and role of architecture in society.


Karin Englund


The exhibition is sponsored by Open Wood, providing recycled materials and expertise. The Architecture Triennial has several collaborative partners for idea development, programs, and Open Studios; learn more under the Architecture Triennial project.