Alex Steffen – The Call

24 October 2008


An evening about the future, with Alex Steffen from Worldchanging.

Alex Steffen has been the Executive Editor of Worldchanging since he co-founded the organization in 2003, as the next phase in a lifetime of work exploring ways of building a better future. Worldchanging is rated the 2nd largest sustainability-related publication on the Internet by Nielsen Online, and boasts an impressive archive of almost 9,000 articles by leading thinkers around the world.

Steffen was also the editor of Worldchanging’s wildly successful first book, Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century (Abrams, 2006), a 600-page compendium of writings from over sixty noted leaders around the world, with a foreword by Al Gore and introduction by Bruce Sterling.

Steffen’s work has been subject of stories in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and other leading publications. His essays have been translated into German, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish, and widely reprinted and anthologized. Recently he was the subject of a CNN documentary, which envisions possibilities for the future, and was featured as one of six leading innovators in the New York Times Sunday Magazine’s “Ecotecture” issue.

He has also spoken and keynoted at many of the most renowned design and innovation conferences, including TED, Pop!Tech, and Design Indaba. “We find ourselves facing two futures, one unthinkable and the other currently unimaginable,” says Steffen, “My beat is looking for ways to create a future which is sustainable, dynamic, prosperous and fair — a future which is both bright and green.

WorldChanging is based on the premise that such a future is not a distant possibility, but a growing reality. We seek to connect worldchanging people with the tools, models and ideas for building it.”