Åke Pallarp – A retrospective exhibition

30 April 2022 25 September 2022

Retrospective exhibition
Main hall, Färgfabriken

Färgfabriken exhibits a retrospective exhibition with the artist Åke Pallarp. A rich and complex artistry that in an intricate way weaves together humor, poetry and a quiet seriousness that is constantly looking forward, with inspiration from his surroundings. The exhibition is a larger presentation of the artist’s career, produced by Färgfabriken in collaboration with Åke Pallarp’s family.

Åke Pallarp (1933–2013) freely moved between painting, sculpture and architecture. He often started from everyday things that he tackled in an imaginative, poetic and ingenious way. In his art, we can trace echoes of the urbanization Sweden went through from the 1950s until the artist’s death in the 2000s, through the contrast and the encounters between city and countryside. Pallarp worked closely with Sweden’s leading architects and together with them carried out a number of public works whose sketches and documentation are also included in the exhibition. An example is the metro station Stadion in Stockholm, which he designed in collaboration with the artist Enno Hallek.