Åsa Cederqvist
Some kind of Metabolism(.2)
Feb 13 – March 15

Meet the artist Åsa Cederqvist and her art in the middle of the creative process! The work of Åsa Cederqvist is based on an interest for the constantly changing borderline between the object and the subject, and the condition of redesigning – in the material but also in the mental spheres.

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Isolation | Communication
- an exhibition of art and poetry
June 2-14

Th curator group Muskot in collaboration with Färgfabriken, initiataed an open call, born out of the prevailing covid-19 epidemic. The work submited represents the participat's artistic / literary practice at this very moment, under the current extreme circumstances. Over 500 entries were submitted for evaluation, 110 of which are shown at Färgfabriken. In this manner isolation can be broken and communication be established.

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-Challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.
Sep 12 - Nov 29, 2020

In this multifaceted exhibition, different ideas and areas of knowledge meet in the exploration of how a symbiotic thinking can inspire change and bring forward new ways of understanding the world.

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Manifestation Lövholmen
- A cultural hub for Stockholm!
Postponed to August 20-23

Färgfabriken invites all cultural practitioners and actors at Lövholmen to take part in a joint manifestation, promoting the importance of the Lövholmen area as a cultural dynamo for Stockholm!

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- climate at the intersection of fact and feeling.

Färgfabriken, Virserum Konsthall, and Skellefteå Konsthall are launching a partnership that looks at how we perceive and communicate climate change from an emotional perspective. We’re therefore creating a forum where young people, researchers, and artists can explore and relay their experiences and feelings in relation to climate and places.

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Torsdag 12/3 kl. 10.30-12.00 Inställt på grund av sjukdomMöt konstnären mitt i skapandeprocessen! Just nu och fram till och med 15 mars har Åsa Cederq...
Varmt välkomna på en unik och intim workshop i foto – ”Projections” – torsdagkvällarna 12:e mars, 26:e mars och 9 april kl. 17.30 - 20.00 som kommer ä...
Manifestation Lövholmen! Lövholmen står inför förändringar och Färgfabriken vill tillsammans med er alla kulturutövare på platsen visa på hur viktigt ...



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