Future images for Ukraine

Future images for Ukraine is a project that acts as a support for architects and planners in Ukraine. Here, Ukrainian and Swedish architects and planners meet to reflect on challenges and opportunities for rebuilding the country during and after the war.

Architects Sweden has established a collaboration with Ukraine’s architects’ association and planning organization to raise the voice of Ukrainian architects and planners in the discussion about Ukraine’s reconstruction as well as about how to rebuild the country to support social and ecological sustainability and democracy.

The Future Images for Ukraine project creates opportunities to reflect on a long-term vision for post-war recovery and provides space for a strategic overview even while the war is still ongoing. The work will be presented at a final conference in Ukraine in early autumn 2023, when the results will be handed over to the government of Ukraine.

Ukraine workspace

During the period 13 Sep – 14 October one of Färgfabriken’s project rooms is used as a meeting space and workplace for committed architects and planners, both Ukrainian and Swedish. Seminars held at four different locations in Sweden are processed afterwards through workshops at Färgfabriken.

Read more about the project at Architects Sweden.

Anyone interested in contributing to the work of formulating strategic insights can contact project manager Pehr Mikael Sällström at Sveriges Arkitekter.

The project is supported by the Swedish Institute. Additional project partners are the National Architect, the Swedish National Hereitage Board, Arkdes and the City of Gothenburg.