Experiment Stockholm

23 september - 29 november 2015


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Why Experiment Stockholm?

Experiment Stockholm is an exhibition that wants to unlock static thinking. How can Stockholm become a more exciting and attractive place to live in? A Stockholm looking to integrate rather than segregate, a Stockholm that is bigger than just the inner city.

What do we mean by experiment? Well, to instigate discussion in a playful manner but with a certain degree of seriousness, about how Stockholm could become an example for new thinking both on a small and on a large scale. To succeed you need to try different things and create space for ideas and initiatives.

For that reason, Experiment Stockholm has experimented with different themes and questions for a little over a year. Together with various qualified and skilled people, we have investigated everything from the environment to the question of whether you can plan ahead for the unplanned. We have come to interesting conclusions. Certain parts from that work will be on display at the exhibition here at Färgfabriken, but also at other locations throughout Stockholm. The idea is that the project will leave its mark outside of Färgfabriken too. The Stockholm region is one of the fastest-growing areas in Europe, which creates pressure on the building of new housing, among other things. The cost of living is approaching absurd levels. Not enough new housing is being built and when it is, it’s the wrong kind. Large groups, such as young people and those moving to the city, cannot get in to the segregated property market. What’s being built today is virtually a “million program” for an economically-challenged middle class; standardised property sold through well-polished brochures and commercials.

Obviously, it’s not all about housing but also about a lot of other engaging issues. We live in a bigger world now compared to the 60s and 70s. Stockholm and Sweden today is multicultural, something that enriches and makes it attractive to live here. But fact remains; visible and invisible borders exist between the respective neighbourhoods – both ethnic and economic. Climate change will probably be the cause for the next big wave of immigration, and that in a near future. People will need to emigrate due to heat and a lack of water. That leads to issues regarding nature and ecology in relation to social structure; the wild forest, the farmed landscape, the parks and different biotopes. Can humans and our nature co-exist in some new way? With original thinking and an experimental approach, could these values create exciting and alternative environments for nature and for various people’s needs? And all this at places that will have to be exploited – perhaps not today, but tomorrow? Politics does have a responsibility. If it cannot formulate a direction or vision, the political discussion becomes static and uninspiring. That’s why Experiment Stockholm has claimed the task of vitalising the political debate and kicking the ball towards our decision-makers.

Färgfabriken is an art venue that uses artistic methods to highlight alternatives to how we can interpret our surrounding world. That’s why Färgfabriken has created an environment for art, research and architecture to meet. Over the course of the exhibition, Experiment Stockholm will host on-going experiments of different scales, where visitors are given the opportunity to add to the project.

On behalf of everyone working here at Färgfabriken I would like to thank all of the involved and all the people who have supported experimental thinking through knowledge and commitment!

Joachim Granit, Creative Director Färgfabriken


Experiment Stockholm is an exhibition to unlock static thinking!

If you have questions or ideas, please contact us!