Experiment Stockholm

23 september - 29 november 2015

The Invisible Theatre

– An urban experience that gives you the opportunity to stand face to face with stories that are hidden in the streets around you.

osynliga teatern lovholmen 800px

Osynliga Teatern – (The Invisible Theatre) is a collaboration between Tomas Rajnai and Jens Nielsen. Osynliga Teatern creates interdisciplinary performances and cinematic experiences through sound, where the audience is invited to become part of the story and choreography. In the piece Hidden Ecology, they investigated a situation where new patterns of movement change the appearance of a map. Their starting-point is an idea that the architectural surroundings are set in the past, while the interaction between people and architecture occurs in the present. The use of space is in constant change, depending on who is visiting there. By exploring the city on the basis of non-specified patterns – where the visitor becomes part of the plot – Osynliga Teatern opens up the possibility of creating new paths to map and new stories to tell.


Imagine that you are walking through a city, and depending on how you move or what you do the sounds around you are changing while you are moving. When you approach a place or move away from it, the sounds you hear change their character.

You will go through this experience, guided by a voice and a GPS system, but as time goes on the voice becomes more and more personalized and together you discover the unexplored places. There is a scent of shipwrecks, concrete, forgotten childhood dreams, and the shadow of a face similar to your own.

You become aware of sounds that do not belong to this place, recorded memories of others who have gone here before you, and you'll be instructed to leave a trace of yourself. Hidden Echology creates a world where the invisible becomes visible. The Audio Walk will guide you from Färgfabriken and onwards in pairs. After a while, you are instructed to interact with each other and then continue on your own path. A path where your subconscious and the reality slowly melt together. You are encouraged to both listen and see the city in an intimate way, in poetic light.

Together we create a dreamlike narrative that casts down our reference points and our perceptions of things.

An urban experience that gives you the opportunity to stand face-to-face with stories that are hidden in the streets around you. You are invited to discover the many rituals that we otherwise would not notice and that define a new sensory geography.