Experiment Stockholm

23 september - 29 november 2015

Earthscore Specularium Guests

Invited Guests (in order of appearance): Bill Arning (curator, Houston), Rick Herron (curator, New York), Jean Gardner (urban ecologist, New York), Jan Hietala (to be rescheduled, artist, Stockholm), David Fischer (photographer, Berlin) & Jessica Valin (producer, Stockholm) with Frances Ali, Ulrich Schurr (biologist, Jülich), Behzad Khosravi (artists, Tehran/Stockholm), Lene Harbo (producer, Copenhagen) & Jörg Koopmann (photographer/curator, München), Katarina Bonnevier (architect, Stockholm), Julie Harboe (art historian, Zürich), Alexandra Hopf & Rick Buckley (artists, Berlin), Håkan Nilsson (art critic, Stockholm), Hélène Frichot (architect/theorist, Stockholm), Michael Marten (urbanist, Berlin) & Camila Preve (architect, Florianópolis), Jonathan Metzger (urbanist, Stockholm), Maja Frögård (designer/artist, Stockholm), Florian Dombois (artist, Zürich/Bern), Gerhard Eckel (artist, Vienna/Stockholm), Michael Obert (author/journalist/director, Berlin) & Daniela Grittner (actor, Berlin), Eva Wilson (curator, Berlin) & Adam Gibbons (artist, Berlin), Andreas Gehrke, aka Noshe (photographer, Berlin), Adam Bergholm & Coco with Rita (artists, Berlin/Stockholm), Maria Lantz (artist, Stockholm), Hanna Husberg (artist, Stockholm).

01-11 27-29 ES-BergholmShowing the film "End of the Line" produced and installed by Adam Bergholm and family.

01-11 24-25 ES-MartenThe silk Threeing drawing by urbanist Michael Marten and architect Camila Preve.

01-11 20-23 ES-WilsonCurator Eva Wilson and artist Adam Gibbons at the farm after their Hyper talk.

01-11 17-19 ES-Noshe
Photographer Noshe in Threeing practice at the mess.

02-11 13-15 ES-Obert-1Laying out the ink for the silk after the premiere of his film “Song from the Forest” with journalist Michael Obert.

03-11 16-17 ES-MajaAfter dinner with designer Maja Frögård in the Mess.

04-11 09-11 ES-FlorianD-1Looking for house shoes with Florian Dombois.

05-11 7-8 ES-Helene-1Morning coffee with architect and theoretician Hélène Frichot with her boys Felix and Florian, with Freia and Maria in the farm.

06-11 7-8 ES-Helene-JonathanFika session num.8 with architect and theoretician Hélène Frichot and urban theorist Jonathan Metzger.

15-10-31 ES-LantzArtist, photographer, and guest Maria Lantz presenting her film “Moonbracelet” at the Specularium.

15-11-05 ES-NilssonArt historian and guest Håkan Nilsson discussing the farm activities with Freia over coffee.

15-11-03 ES-HusbergArtist and guest Hanna Husberg at the farm planning her installation “The world inside” as part of the Specularium’s program.

15-10-29 ES-StudentsKonstfack-0Konstfack master students of fine arts as guests of the Specularium while attending Luis’ course “Instance, Notation, Sensation”.

15-10-29 ES-StudentsKonstfack-1Kamen Zlatev and Alexander Höglund, with course respondent Elof Hellström of Cyklopen.

15-10-29 ES-StudentsKonstfack-2Tomas Sinkevicius and Richard Krantz, with Elof Hellström about to engage the groups final presentation, the relational pizza.

15-10 ES-Bonnevier
Katarina Bonnevier with family (Joakim, Tyra, Magdalena, Marie, and Adam) at the farm.

15-10 ES-Buckley
Rick Buckley at the farm.

15-10 ES-Harboe
Julie Harboe and friend at the farm.

15-10 ES-Schurr
Uli and Petra Schurr Threeing in the mess.

15-10 ES-Behdzad-Buckley
Behzad Khosravi Noori's film "Black Eyes of Bruce Lee" being watched by Rick Buckley.

ES guests Fischer 2
With David Fischer, Jessica Valin, Frances Ali, and Friends at the farm and the mess.

ES guests Fischer 1
With David Fischer, Jessica Valin, Frances Ali, and Friends at the farm and the mess.

ES guests J Gardner
In the Specularium’s farm Jean Gardner with Luis and Maria. 

In the Specularium’s farm with Bill Arning, Rick Herron, Mark and Tad Beck with Luis. Photo by David Fischer