Ruangrupa: Interconnect Indonesia

– Contemporary indonesian art at Färgfabriken presented by Ruangrupa and ISI.
     September 28th – November 3rd 2013


    Indonesia is a nation with a dynamic cultural life, Färgfabriken has been there and met people and groups who are working with interesting projects. This has resulted in an exchange between Indonesia and Sweden and two different projects will be launched during autumn.

    The artist collective Ruangrupa is coming to Stockholm in September to live and work within their installation, which will be on display during autumn in the project rooms at Färgfabriken. The module exhibition by Ruangrupa presents their own working processes whitin the Indonesian cultural life and a film program by Indonesian video artists from different parts of Indonesia.

    Below a video documentation from the exhitibion. Reza Afisina from Ruangrupa is talking about the art works Icons and Mobile Cinema.

    In relation to the opening there will be lectures about Indonesian contemporary art by Professor M Dwi Marianto from the Indonesia Institut of the Arts (Institut Seni Indonesia) Yogjakarta. The lectures will take place at Färgfabriken. A film program with Indonesian video art by Marianto will be on display alongside with the Ruangrupa exhibition.

    Ruangrupa was initiated 2000 and is now run by artists based in Jakarta. It is a non profit organization that focuses on developing contemporary art through research and docummentation, within a cultural context. Ruangrupa also makes exhibitions, residency programs and workshops in collaboration with other artists. Since 2003 Ruangrupa runs the video art biennial OK.Video – Jakarta International Video Festival.

    Professor M Dwi Marianto (b.1956, Jakarta) teaches at the Indonesia Institut of the Arts (Institut Seni Indonesia) Yogjakarta, Indonesia. Marianto is also a curator and a writer, he observes the art scene in Yogyakarta and regularly updates his website, with new art works and cultural phenomenons. 

    The exchange project is realized in collaboration with Nordic Arti Association and Swedish Arts Council.