The Yellow Wallpaper

– A theater and videoinstallation about freedom, body and space.
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May 16–17th 2013


PUMA scenkonst (in English: PUMA Performing art) performs the installation Den Gula Tapeten (in English: The Yellow Wallpaper) between 16 and 17 of May at 7 pm at Färgfabriken. The installation contains film and theatre focusing on gender power relations, both in the private and public space.

Limited seats, book your ticket at PUMAs website.

Charlotte, the main characters, life is described through the notes of her diary, which tells us about the time when her husband kept her locked up in her room, because she needed to get rid of her ”nervous disorders”. In her loneliness she develops a neurosis about the patterned wallpaper which takes a lot of her time and energy.

The performance contains two parts – the first one is a video installation and the second part is a theatrical monologue. With Charlotte, the audience shares her crumbling reality where the spatial boundaries between actors and audience are erased. At the walls the patterned wallpaper plays with itself and moves us into suggestive rooms.

The yellow wallpaper was, when it was published, a critique of the institution of marriage and against women’s limited possibilities to independency.

PUMA scenkonst is a non-profit organization with the goal of producing anxious, obstinate and political art with particular focus on gender and power related issues.

By: Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Director: Aurelia Le Huche
Dramturgical: Elin Skärstrand
Actor: Elin Skärstrand
Music: Simon Steensland
Projection: Tanya Byrne
Set designer: Erika Sjödin
Costume: Aurelia Le Huche