– an exhibition with Anne Wahrolén Sherman and Finn Ahlgren.
  • I WAS HERE - Osynliga Teatern, March 28th-April 6th 2019

    I WAS HERE is a performance installation by artist duo Osynliga Teatern which combines an intimate experience for one person per occasion with a live-stream that can be experienced online or in one of the exhibition spaces at Färgfabriken. The work combines a relational situation with an all-encompassing environment where questions of trust and empathy is tested in relation to our private sphere. The exhibition is founded on public telephone conversations and is divided into two parts. As a visitor, you can choose to participate in the installation either as The Narrator or as The Observer, or as both.

    Read more

  • Texas University Architecture Department, April 8th-14th 2019

    With Frances Hsu and students.

    Food is a basic need and a luxury, both an art and a science crossing boundaries of time and place, a part of daily life and long term human survival. It is one of the largest and most innovative industries in the world economy and among the most urgent problems facing our world. Limited food access along with decreasing biodiversity and increasing dependence on fewer and fewer varieties and species of crops fostered by corporate monopolies loom as we rely on increasingly fragile large industrial-scale monocultures that alter ecological balance. Within the context of climate catastrophe, we must enter into debates on the role of the productive landscape through issues related to food.

    Alimentarium is a first-year Master of Architecture foundations studio in the Department of Architecture at Texas A&M University that considers how agricultural production, processing, distribution and consumption of food intersects with architecture, urbanism, industry, economy, technology, culture, and politics. The course identifies and critically analyses how food has shaped the built environent in order to inform the production of architectural content, program and project for Alimentarium--a public knowledge center in the city of Bryan, Texas dedicated to the exhibtion, experimentation, and experience of food that might not only counteract or be resistant to existing capitalist logics but also create more beautiful, joyful, adventurous and equitable cities.

  • LABLAB, April 22nd-May 5th 2019

    LABLAB will investigate the historic and contemporary relationship that exist between the image and landscape throughout the landscape of Dalarna, Sweden.

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  • KTH ABE Urbanism Studies / AT - HH, May 13th-19th 2019

    Malin Heyman and James Hamilton, together with the students of the KTH ABE Graduate Program in Urbanism will occupy the Open Studio during the production, copy editing, review and printing of a book that will represent the students research from the Studio's Mexico City workshop and subsequent project "CO-OP City: Future Collective Domestic".

    "CO-OP City : Future Collective Domestic" was a 10 week design studio in the Graduate Profram in Urbanism at KTH ABE. Students have worked in groups to produce proposals for collective domestic places and programs to engage public space in Mexico City. The work takes as it's departure point Hannes Meyer's 1928 manifesto Bauen and the contemporary research of Anna Puigjaner presented in her work Kitchenless City.

    With students: Ambre Elsa Alfredo, Leonardo Baron Zenari, Maia Cavendish, Zehra Chughtai, Sued Ferreira da Silva, Simon Fique, Shayan Khilji, Svenja Marie Krings, Sven Lindemann, Michael Mallinder-MacLeod, Sandra Yael Mekler Bensadon, Divya Ramasamy Venkatesamoorthy, Mayra Milena Campanha Reis, Lizaveta Shylichava, Irena Toljan, Eleni Konstantina Vlachaki Stamatopoulou, Johan Wide, Benjamin Schaefer, Jon Nilsson

    Collaborators and contributors to the studio have been:





    + OKK+ friends

    + Alejandra Navarrete

    + Andrea González

    + Daniel Urey

    + David Huber

    + Fernando Ocaña

    + Hélène Frichot

    + Isabelle Löfgren

    + Karolina Keyzer

  • The Royal Institute of Art R-Lab RIA, May 23rd-June 2nd 2019

    R-lab’s Marvels and Catastrophes: Renewal and Metamorphosis, to be held at Färgfabriken 23- May - 2 June.

    Renewal and Metamorphosis is the final in a series of 4 movements (see below) proposed by R-Lab concerning the major transformations affecting today’s natural and living environments. The two weeks at Färgfabriken will present a sequence of student led workshops, installations, performances, videos, and temporary exhibits outlining the world in its state of “new normal.” Open to the public.

    This is the concluding series of workshops and performative public engagements to be featured in Färgfabriken's Open Studio. Renewal and Metamorphosis is developed and run by the participants enrolled in this year's R-Lab Marvels and Catastrophes course held at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. All events are open to the public, children and adults alike, please come, and please share! ----


    25 May

    11-13 Premonition bureau - Confession parlor - Action booth Jérôme Malpel & Sofia Larsson

    11-17 For the first time our world Anna Risell You are invited to a moment that allows you to reach inwards, into the depths of your memories and associations. https://www.facebook.com/events/435939797218496/?notif_t=plan_user_invited¬if_id=1557867158495917

    11-17 Välkommen att fira rödfärgensdag! Veronica Skeppe

    14-18 A Lovely Suburban Hike Anna Asplind, Gustav Karlsson & Jérôme Malpel Welcome to a hike in a cozy suburban environment and a dinner session. https://www.facebook.com/events/1404970899646219/

    26 May

    11-17 Premonition bureau - Confession parlor - Action booth Jérôme Malpel & Sofia Larsson

    11-17 For the first time our world Anna Risell You are invited to a moment that allows you to reach inwards, into the depths of your memories and associations. https://www.facebook.com/events/435939797218496/?notif_t=plan_user_invited¬if_id=1557867158495917

    14-16 In Search of the Miraculous through Catasthrophe Anna Asplind “Any old map will do” was the conclusion when a small Hungarian military unit found their way through a snowstorm in the Alps with the help from a map over the Pyrenees. Can we do the same? https://www.facebook.com/events/338077586899432/

    30 May

    13-17 Woman, Native, Other: Making Friends with Trinh-T Minh-ha Carlota Mir and Enrico Floriddia Collective reading workshop - arpentage 12 spots - book yours at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. https://www.facebook.com/events/2132880783447314/

    1 June

    12-13.30 The Evoking of the Realm of Real Fantasy Gustav Karlsson The tension between "real" and imagined conceptions about the state of the [human] world and it´s urban planning responses - is the same tension that also evokes a space that doesn´t need to prove it has the right to exist - The Realm of Real Fantasy. https://www.facebook.com/events/316464792356463/?ti=as

    14-16.30 Building a new landscape Elena Mazzi The workshop structure intends to start from a reflection on the crisis situations / necessities related to the daily use of water, encouraging participants (children and teenagers are welcome) to become aware of the hidden path that water makes in our daily lives, in the architecture we live every day, among these, the one we are working in, Färgfabriken.



    Ongoing 23 May - 2 June

    Lövholmen Gerda Persson

    Lövholmen is a small part of the world that will soon be gone forever and we will all forget what it was like. Get your own free souvenir! To remember it I am making concrete models in scale 1:400 of the building Spredfabriken. The model is 9x9x5 cm. If you would like to have one please contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Pick up your souvenir between May 29th and June 2nd at Färgfabriken.

    The sun rises every morning at the same place and sets every evening at the opposite side Ana Barata Martins

    The sun rises every morning at the same place and sets every evening at the opposite side, is an artwork composed by several elements: a site-specific textile piece by the closest water of Fargfabriken, a second textile piece at the Open studio space, and photo documentation of the current development of Årstafältet. The fabric pieces are dyed with found materials and natural pigments from Årstafältet and a text by Maria Lamas is imprinted in them. The artwork intends to be critical towards exploitation processes natural areas goes through as most of accessible nature is man made or developed for commercial and industry purposes

    A Cartography of the Anthropocene In the current moment we see an increase in so-called climate angst as well as climate crisis awareness, yet people feel a lack of any fruitful means of combating it. Can capital be seen? How do you map the unmappable? What are the individual components that comprise the issue of climate change? You are invitied to come and view an attempt at mapping the so called anthropocene, as well as to perhaps add your own take on it. Andres Villarreal

    21th century icon: How do we build up an image of our contemporary mythology? Jérôme Malpel

    A mere heap Bo Pilo Transactive memory exercises and tool making workshops with the objective to revive and exercise agency, interruption, and recall as operative abilities in a new landscape without buildings.

    In search of the miraculous through catastrophe Anna Asplind

    “Any old map will do” was the conclusion when a small Hungarian military unit found their way through a snowstorm in the Alps with the help from a map over the Pyrenees. Can we use the map from one place or a situation to gain new insights about here and now? This time with a map of the utterly symbol of catastrophe - Pompeji, layered with the utterly aim to avoid catastrophe - the evacuation plan of Operation Stockholm 1961. https://www.facebook.com/events/338077586899432/

    Healing Tree Åsa Agerstam

    The belief that the forest is a healing force goes back to Nordic folk-medicine where disfigured, odd trees could function as a receiver for human pain. By transmitting the disease materially and symbolically, the tree became the new carrier of the pain. The person cutting it down took a risk of catching whatever disease the tree was carrying. The physical surrounding of such a tree could also be used as a place of sacrifice where one could make a wish. With a trial and error perspective of a designer, a transformative replica of The Tree with it ́s original purpose will be made. Your intention is what makes it real.


    Marvels and Catastrophes in 4 Movements.

    1. The Art of Disaster Interruptive: the Earth School, Istanbul Design Biennial, September
    2. Lexicon of Marvels and Disasters, Färgfabriken
    3. Nordic Hazardlands, UMA, Umeå
    4. Marvels and Catastrophes: Renewal and Metamorphosis, Färgfabriken

    The first movement, The Art of Disaster Interruptive, premiered in September of 2018 at the 4th Design Biennial in Istanbul. Located in the Earth School, the weeklong workshop dealt with remedial environmental practices inspired by the Şişhane crafts district in the heart of Istanbul. The second workshop, the Lexicon of Marvels and Disasters, held in January of 2019, was a one-day experimental Open Studio event developed to interact with the public, and called for submissions of ideas on what we will need to have with us to confront this ever changing present. The third movement, Nordic Hazardlands, took place in the northern Swedish city of Umeå at the UMA school of architecture at the end of March. The program included a seminar with the director of IBA in Thüringen Germany, and concluded with an initial draft for an Almanac for 2020.

    Read more

  • Gülbeden Kulbay, June 3rd-16th 2019

    Performance artist, read more.
  • BLOD(y), Annika Boholm & Kersti Grunditz Brennan, 21-24 nov 2019

    BLOD(y) is an exposition of the work processes of BLOD – a research and film project trying to go beyond norms when it comes to content, aesthetics and modes of collaboration in cinematic storytelling. The Open Space exhibit features the film, its source materials in different forms, works in various degrees of progress and scheduled talks on related topics. The project is exploring collaboration across professions, between friendship and the collegial and beyond academic positions – alternating writing, filming, editing – a liquid and blurred line between life and art. Working on BLOD, all hands-on artistic processes are taken on jointly and uncompromisingly, while challenging power hierarchies, artist myths and traditional cinema’s demand for naturalism and narrative logic in both imagery and mise-en-scene. The film BLOD revolves around female bleeding from cradle to grave, but is not all about liquids. It also examines emotional swells in the wake of the blood – between people when bodies fail. The film events where modes of creating, key issues and artistic ambition are embodied, are based on experiences of being human with brains, heart and uterus.
  • Åsa Cederqvist, Feb 13 - March 15 2020

    The artist Åsa Cederqvist's work is based on an interest in the ever-changing boundary between object and subject, as well as around the state of reformulation and transformation - in both the material and mental spaces.

    While in the studio at Färgfabriken, Studio Åsa Cederqvist work will take it's vantage point in the cycle of materials and experiences that exist within the building and its surrounding areas, through displacements and alterations, and at the same time develop an interface of transformer processors, disintegration and structure.
  • Symbiosis, spring 2020

    Färgfabriken's project Symbiosis takes over one of the project rooms in order to give space for ideas, sketching and meetings.

    Read more

Supported by:
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In the exhibtion Unwanted Ann Wahrolén Sherman and Finn Ahlgren will create a site-specific scenography and interior-design out of furniture, junk and art. They will reside at Färgfabriken five days a week, eight hours a day and the audience will be invited to view their transparent process. Everything is documented, real-time/stop-motion, and parts will be published here on our website.

Saturday September 15th

Wednesday September 26th

The material being used will be the "discarded" and the "recycled" – mainly furniture and various wooden left-overs. The process will develop together with the artists, the visitors and the material itself. During a vernissage/finissage, taking place at the end of the exhibition the final work will be presented.

oonskat 4

The exhibtion is kindly supported by Konstnärsnämnden, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.