Laurel Halo

– concert in Färgfabriken's penthouse, 9 p.m, free admission, DJs: Kärleksdöden & DJ Puzzle
laurel halo
june 6th 2012

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Club Kärleksdöden together with Färgfabriken proudly present a concert by the American music creator Laurel Halo in the penthouse at Färgfabriken on June 6th. Halo creates wayward, electronic pop music with the broadest sources of inspiration possible, strongly reflecting the internet age we now live in. Above all, Brooklyn-based Laurel Halo’s music is inspired by Detroit techno, Steve Reich's minimalist art music, quantum physics and various sci-fi plots, which together form a floating, futuristic, avant-pop with a thin layer of Kate Bush. Previously, she has worked with Oneohtrix Point Never and James Ferarro and has done remixes for bands like Planningtorock.

Free admission

DJs: Kärleksdöden & DJ Puzzle