Fredrik Wretman

Goatrans (pacific). "Maybe this is about the wish of being somewhere else"?
wretmangoa 1
“They seek him here, they seek him there, they seek him everywhere." (About Fredrik Wretman)

By now I have written a number of texts about Fredrik Wretman. I have written in catalogues, magazines and even in books. There hasn’t been anything wrong with the arguments, I still stand for a lot of it – and of course the images have been beautiful. But I’ve never been truly pleased with them. The language hasn’t fallen into place as I wanted it to. I’ve been thinking about why – and maybe now I have arrived at something. A hint lays in the first sentence above: “By now I have written a number of texts about Fredrik Wretman”. The problem is that I have never written about Fredrik Wretman before. I have written about his art.


But considering the art that Fredrik Wretman produces, my actions might not be that hard to understand. In his work there rarely or never existed any elements referring to the person Wretman. But, as they say, looks can be deceiving."


Text by Jan Åman about Fredrik Wretman and the exhibition Goatrans (Pacific).

6 sep 1997 – 28 sep 1997