Annika Larsson

– The Beckers Art Award 2002 goes to the artist Annika Larsson.

annikalarsson 1
The Beckers Art Award 2002 for the sum of 150 000 SEK (around 15.000 USD) is awarded to Annika Larsson.

Annika Larsson was born in 1972 and completed her artistic training at Royal Art Academy in Stockholm (Royal University College of Fine Arts).

The jury's motivation:

“With her monumental video works, Annika Larsson brings the audience into a world of male strategies, attributes and relations. Often these take the form of scenes filled with subtle, erotic signals enhanced with crisp, icy sounds, all captured with refined camera and editing techniques. Annika Larsson is awarded the Beckers prize for the exquisite finish of her works as well as for her ability, with cinematic sequences, to poetically lift the veil on the cynicism and coldness of our time: a world where power and violence often seem to go hand in hand.”

Annika Larsson will show two new installations, both from 2001, which have not been shown in Stockholm before. DOG will be shown in the main hall and POLIISI in one of the project rooms.

14 dec 2002 – 2 feb 2003