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Numen/For Use: TEJP Stockholm

– tape installation by Numen at Färgfabriken  
    february 4 - march 11, 2012


    Färgfabriken is pleased to show you a new tape installation by Numen. The project is a collaboration between Färgfabriken and the director Tobias Rydin, who invited Numen to Stockholm. The art work is both an exhibition at Färgfabriken as well as the scenography for Tobias Rydins upcoming film KIM.

    The Croatian / Austrian artist group Numen (for use) consisting of Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic have become internationally known for their excellent installations made by tape. They have built their works in public places like Federation Square in Melbourne, as well as in art galleries and theater stages.

    The for Färgfabriken specific made artwork will take over the main hall like a huge spider web in which the audience are invited to climb and explore the installation and the room from all angles. But the artwork will also play another role as set design and shooting location for the Tobias Rydin full lenght film debut KIM. The artwork will through the two different expression get double exposure. In the film we get to follow the films main character building the artwork.

    Tobias Rydin is a director, curator and writer. He runs the art magazine YKKY, which was named one of the world's eight most beautiful magazines by the English Independet. He made his debut as a writer in 2007 with the novel Invisibility. His novell film Maud & Leo (30min) was released in 2009, had Marika Lindstrom in the main roles, and was shown among other things at the Cannes film festival, short film corner.