Patric Larsson

– The Beckers Art Award 2004 goes to the artist Patric Larsson.
patriclarsson 1
Becker’s artist scholarship 2004 of 150.000 Swedish crowns - which this year is given out for the 17th time - is given to artist Patric Larsson, born in 1964 and graduated from Valand University Collage of Art in Gothenburg in 1998.

The motivation:

Patric Larsson is an odd type of drawer who, in a monumental format, shows an almost manic care for each word, line, dot and spot. Once on the white sheet, Larssons accurate picture-writing is transformed into a great and suggestive art, an art that with elegance leads us as viewers into magnificent mental maps. Larsson successfully develops and challenges our idea of what a good drawing is and could be. Patric Larsson is awarded with Becker’s artist scholarship because he, in a time of rush, stubbornly continues with a time consuming work process, and because he holds the remarkable headstrong ability to, through his drawings, lead us into winding labyrinths, filled with dark formations, chains of structures and linked associations.

For the jury, Mårten Castefors.


27 nov 2004 – 9 jan 2005