Albin Karlsson

– The Beckers Art Award 2005 goes to the artist Albin Karlsson.
albin 1
Becker’s artist scholarship 2005 of 150.000 SEK is this year given to Albin Karlsson.

Albin Karlsson works like an old fashioned clockmaker, with precise technical solutions. Never settled with technique though, but adding poetic warmth that reveals a human aspect, equal amount of humor as sad seriousness. Everything he does evolves around time and its calm but irrevocable way – told to us by a fax paper that is slowly heated and filled, stearin that drips or domino blocks that falls. Albin Karlsson is rewarded with the Becker’s artist scholarship 2005 because he is a peculiar time poet who through his technical constructions makes us see a human side in time’s tragicomic implacability.

For the jury, Jan Åman

26 nov 2005 – 21 jan 2006