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Nathalie Djurberg

– The Beckers Art Award 2006 goes to the artist Nathalie Djurberg.
nathalie beckers thumb
The motivation:

In Nathalie Djurbergs ecstatic animations, everything is boundless but also possible. On the surface, we come into a dim light setting of a mythical world in clay where civil masculine extravagance and tastelessness combine with loving, licking wild animals and feminine erotic exposure. Djurbergs animations oscillate closely between the innocent and playful and the serious and burlesque. Nathalie Djurberg is awarded the Beckers artist award for her exceptional capacity to bring humor and intelligence to alter our perception - Djurberg allows us to see and feel, and when our laughter grips to us when we see that chaos neighbours God.

2 dec 2006 – 21 jan 2007