Performative Design

– different modes of performance within architecture today.
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Performative Design The Performative Design exhibition at Färgfabriken, is a collaboration between KTH School of Architecture / Performative Design Studio and Färgfabriken.

Immersed in an electronic paradigm that has vastly expanded in scope, moving beyond its capacity for representation to stage more profound forms of engagement, the exhibition explores different modes of performance within architecture today. Contrary to a linear design approach where technological processes are applied in the interest of the optimization and resolution of a design; the projects exhibited have adopted a bi-directional approach where technological processes (in the form of parametric design and computer aided fabrication) are incorporated as drivers of design innovation.

The exhibition investigates performance in architecture through the production of a contemporary aesthetic performance that responds to technological, environmental and cultural interests of today. In order to formulate a distinction in the concept of performance that reflects its differential value in the contemporary context – both material and procedural – the exhibition considers how technological performance coexists with affective performance, where technology is subsumed by the production of sensation.

The exhibition is organized around a series of categories; bladed, buoyancy, lattice, luminosity, porosity, protuberance, swollen, venation, and viscosity. These are categories that were addressed during the year in the Performative Design Studio 2008/2009, taught by Marcelyn Gow, Ulrika Karlsson and Daniel Norell.

Curators: Marcelyn Gow, Ulrika Karlsson and Daniel Norell; Exhibition design: Anna Jacobson and Einar Rodhe; Performative Design Studio 2008/2009: Lotta Alm, Luis Borunda, Anna Jacobson, Katarina Jacobsson, Johan Knutas, Henning Hagen Kolaas, Ivo Lejon, Tove Leander, Petra Lindfors, Kai Lun Chua, Christian Madsén, Alexandra Magnusson, Antony Maitz , Mikhail Orlov, Andreas Part, Daniele Profeta, Einar Rodhe, Jonathan Wolfe.

Thanks to: Nyréns Arkitektkontor, Solidmakarna, Z Corporation, Sandellsandberg.

Seminar with panel discussion: Friday August 28th at 17.00 Panel: Sven Olov Wallenstein, Kivi Sotamaa, Marcelyn Gow, Daniel Norell, Tove Leander.

Moderator: Ulrika Karlsson.

24 aug 2009 – 30 aug 2009