The progression of things

– guest performances by Cullbergbaletten at Färgfabriken.
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A performance by Tilman O'Donell about the conceived notions of time and progress.

The progression of things challenges broadly conceived notions of history, and it's requisite conceptions of progress, growth and transcendence through myth building, as a linear phenomenon. While nations, cultures, societies, bodies politic and material are in constant search of myths to live by, largely founded on a linear, forward moving conception of time, what seems to take place is something more like a circular constant. That is to say: we move in what we imagine is a linear fashion, while finding ourselves largely in the same predicaments as human beings, facing existence in a series of identical efforts, redefined by constantly varying sets of circumstances.

The progression of things as circular constants (or seemingly closed circuits of experience) is mirrored in the effort of the body during improvisational practice. Here the performer finds him/herself constantly confronted with the same set of embodied circumstances in direct relationship to the sensation and redistribution of time. The performer strives to reexamine and make visible, through physical practice, the constant state of aliveness in what could be described as 'present time'. Forming a closed circuit with that which has just taken place, and that which might immediately follow.

By presenting a performative model of these circular constants, my aim is to posit an alternative to history as linear progression, with it's necessary critical ocularcentrism, linguistic hegemony, and linear narrative tendencies. Absent this neatly organized progression of time and history, what other kinds of narratives are available to us? Where does the pre-ordained logic of our linguistic system reach its limit in terms of the kind of narrative it is capable of telling, narratives which may rise and fall within an entirely 'other' realm? What is left?

Tilman O'Donnell Born in USA, Tilman O´Donnell trained at the National Ballet School in Toronto (Canada) and joined The Göteborg Ballet under the direction of Anders Hellström. In 2002 Tilman danced at the Staatstheater Saarbrücken directed by Marguerite Donlon. Thereafter he joined the Cullberg Ballet under the direction of Johan Inger from 2003 until 2007. Tilman is a member of The Forsythe Company in Frankfurt since 2007. Tilman O´Donnell made his debut as a choreographer 2002 and has been awarded first prize in two major international choreographic competitions. In 2005 he was appointed both Dancer to watch and Choreographer to watch by the leading European magazine Ballet Tanz. Tilman was commissioned by The Göteborg Ballet in 2010 and created a full length called “This is”. In May 2011 he created a site specific piece for Cullberg Ballet at Marabouparken's konsthall in Stockholm.

Concept: Tilman O'Donnell

Created by: Tilman O'Donnell and the dancers

Lights/projections: Thomas Zamolo

Dancers: Adam Schütt Agnieszka Dlugoszewska Daniel Sjökvist Kristóf Várnagy Luis Rodriguez Patricia Vázquez Shumpei Nemoto Victoria Roberts Fem Rosa Has

10 nov 2011 – 20 nov 2011