Damn critics!

– An exhibition on architectural criticism.

webbildDamn critics! 2021, Färgfabriken.  Photo Johan Österholm.

In the exhibition Damn critics! six Scandinavian architectural critics and six architectural offices are brought together in a discussion of critique and architecture. The exhibition raises important questions regarding architecture and construction: Is there a need for architectural critique? What part does critique play in regard to architecture and society? What role should architectural criticism play in the future?

Curators: Morten Birk Jørgensen, Andrea Ougaard and Anders Rubing

Architectural critics: Gaute Brochmann, Sara Ettrup, Ylva Frid, Mari Hvattum, Martin Søberg, Rasmus Wærn

Designers: Element, Jonathan Houser, Kaleidoscope, Krupinski / Krupinska, Leth & Gori, Tham & Videgård

Tre forsøg på at give form til et hus å vandre i Jonathan Houser 2020jpgTre forsøg på at give form til et hus å vandre i, Jonathan Houser, 2020, in Damn critics! 2021, Färgfabriken. 
Photo Johan Österholm.


Time & Place

March 13th – May 16th, 2021
The Project Rooms

Due to the pandemic, we allowe 4 visitors in the exhibition at the same time. 


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Main website for the project Damn critics!

Supported by

Dreyers Fond, Nordisk Kulturfond, Statens Kunstfond (DK), Kulturrådet (NO) & Utenriksdepartementet/DOGA (NO)