Isolation | Communication

– An exhibition with art and poetry.

konstverk isolering kommunikationTorbjörn Johansson, Utdrag och Martin Ålund The bipolar suite. 2020.


In a densely populated world, the concept of isolation has suddenly become central. In Sweden we are encouraged to keep social distance, in other countries it is not allowed to gather in groups of more than two people. Without any expereince of living in isolation, we must shift focus, staying behind our own walls as much as possible and try to make life work anyway.

Isolation | Communication is an exhibition initiated by the curator group Muskot in collaboration with Färgfabriken, born out of the prevailing covid-19 epidemic. The exhibition gathered art through an Open Call. The work submited for assessment represent the participating artists' and poets' artistic / literary practice at this very moment, under the current extreme circumstances. Over 500 entries were submitted for evaluation, 110 of which are shown at Färgfabriken. In this manner isolation can be broken and communication be established.

  • Alex Valijani - My Whole World's Coming Apart
  • Alexandra Larsson Jacobson - We hug. You hug too hard. I resist. You push. I leave.
  • Nr3
    André Nordström - Dörr
  • Andreas Ribbung - Utan titel
  • Anja Olofgörs - Narrative Structures
  • Anna Nyberg - Det är svårt att säga
  • Anna-Kajsa Wikström - Therés a Yoke to be Carried (Ur “Källvatten”. Isen buren av Inga Tsernova, fotot taget av James Dmitre Johansson)
  • Arne Widman - Dekonstruerad fåfänga
  • Carl-Oscar Karlsson - Strålar men brister i sprickor och faller ur livet
  • Cecilia Hultman - Stilla stå fallet
  • Charlotte Åberg & Florence Montmare - Sanitary ritual 24
  • Christina Olivecrona - Bron i Grez
  • Christofer Wallentin - End Game
  • Cissi Efraimsson - Despair
  • Daniela Hedman - En kvadratmeter ø 14 ø 14
  • Derin Gençer - Walking Through The Layers Of Memory
  • Elise Mattisson Chue - Tofu Tales
  • Elle van Uden - La Solitaire
  • Elsa Blomberg - Brace
  • Emille de Blanche - Hold, 2020
  • Filippa Barkman - The Waiting
  • Giulia Cairone - Con Affetto
  • Gunilla Wiel-Svensson - Runner
  • Hanna Romin - I minnet förlorat objekt
  • Henning Rehnström - No signs of elephants (through the three kingdoms of nature, according to classes, orders, genera and species, with characters, differences, synonyms, places)
  • Henrik Ekesiöö - Torsdag
  • Håkan Bring - Reform
  • Ingrid Klintskog - Må se rar
  • Jakob Ojanen - Abstract painter
  • Jan Marius Kiøsterud - The Pod
  • Nr31
    Jenny Carlsson Grip - Ön, Åkern, Bergets mörker
  • Nr32
    Jinhee Kang - Diaries 2020-1
  • Nr33
    Johan Lindström - Först tänkte jag på Helen of Troy eller "sköna Helena" sen tänkte jag på flourescerande grön och rave. Till sist tänkte jag på romantiken
  • Nr34
    Johan Willner/Peo Olsson - Infections Heap
  • Nr35
    John Willgren - Betongfärd
  • Nr36
    Jonas Vansteenkiste - Looking glass #1
  • Nr37
    Josefin Bergman - Ohio
  • Nr38
    Kaisa Luukkonen - Tiblisi, 9 march, 2019
  • Nr39
    Kajsa Lindberg & Annika Bergström - Falnar och fyller nr 7 (Ground waves)
  • Nr40
    Kevin Pihlblad Bogle - Ägghållare
  • Nr41
    Leif Palmquist - Halv nio en försommarkväll
  • Nr42
    Lena Flodman - Smallpo, Three Golden Swans & Upgoing Clown
  • 43
    Leonela Lilja - I hemlighet bär du din tomhet
  • 44
    Lisa Manner - Moon
  • Nr45
    Lotta Döbling - Målarens utsikt
  • Nr46
    Lovisa Ivenholt - Efter det hänt, lugnare
  • Nr47
    Lucia Flores - Peaky peak
  • Nr48
    Lukas Göthman - Virus
  • Nr49
    Malin Arnedotter Bengtsson - Platt Groda
  • Nr50
    Mari Kretz - Glaciers I
  • Nr51
    Maria Bernholm - Speglingar som motiv
  • Nr52
    Maria Koolen Hellmin - Det är stilla nu. Den största glansen är tanken
  • Nr53
    Maria Lundberg - Traces of an Inner Voyage
  • Nr54
    Marie Holmgren - Porträtt XIII
  • Nr55
    Martin Ålund - The Bipolar Suite
  • Nr56
    Mattias Bäcklin - Bonde river upp gjord
  • Nr57
    Mikaela Steby Stenfalk - Till minne av Nike
  • Nr58
    Monica Höll - Barken Love
  • Nr59
    Nicole Newsha Khadivi - Safe Zone
  • Nr60
    Olivia Pettersson - Fleur Wedge
  • Nr61
    Olle Borg - From the Diary of Mr Chance 2020
  • Nr62
    Oscar Furbacken - Isolated Dispersal
  • Nr63
    Oskar Hult - Vandringsbild III
  • Nr64
    Peter Kinny - Instängd / Stängd ute
  • Nr65
    Petter Kreuger - Quarantine City
  • Nr66
    Rebecca Farrensteiner - Vi alla kommer straffas
  • Nr67
    Rebecka Bebben Andersson - 123-123-123-123
  • Nr68
    Richard G. Carlsson - The Studio
  • Nr69
    Sanna Albenius - Utan titel
  • Nr70
    Sofia Zwahlen - Jordstam
  • Nr71
    Stina Persson - Tack hjälp och förlåt
  • Nr72
    Sylvia Naimark - Beautiful Losers
  • Nr73
    Thierry Mortier - Detta (This)
  • Nr74
    Thomas Carlsson - TALANDE SAMBAND
  • Nr75
    Tilda Lovell - Ziegenmelker
  • Nr76
    Timo Menke - Yellow Jake
  • Nr77
    Tina Eskilsson - Water reflection
  • Nr78
    Torbjörn Johansson - utdrag 2,0 x 2,0 x 0,42 m
  • Nr79
    Åsa Andersson - Brevbåtar
  • Nr80
    Johanna Ekström - Tillvaron och frånvaron
  • Simon Skuteli - Utan titel
  • Carolina Thorell
  • Elin Bengtsson
  • John Swedenmark
  • Jonas Ellerström
  • Nils Gunnar Zander
  • Oscar Rossi
  • Sofia Stenström
  • Sonia Sagan
  • AnnalenaSandgren MariamNaraghi
    Annalena Sandgren / Mariam Naraghi
  • Clara Diesen
  • Fanny Wallertz / Sara Berg
  • Johanna Stillman
  • Johanna Tengblad
  • LinneaSwedenmark HannahAbramhamsson
    Linnea Swedenmark / Hanna Abrahamsson
  • Maria Yvell
  • Mikael Rudesjö
  • Mona Hellsing Troili
  • Pamela Jaskoviak / Hanna Alexandersson
  • PetraMölstad UlrikaRevenäsStrollo
    Petra Mölstad / Ulrika Revenäs Strollo
  • Runa Halleraker / Arvid Kraft
  • Victor Andersson / Lars Håkan Svensson

Photo: Emilia Rosenqvist


Concept text by Jonas Ellerström

In a densely populated world, the concept of isolation has suddenly become central. In Sweden we are encouraged to keep social distance, in other countries it is not allowed to gather in groups larger than two people. Without any habit of living in isolation, we must change our mind to keep ourselves within our own walls as much as possible and try to make life work anyway.

         But within a certian occupation professionals are experienced in working in self-chosen isolation - namely the independent artists, often accused of living in their own bubble or an ivory tower, but are precisely because of their artistic practice more focused on communicating with the outside world than most of people.

         How will artistic practices change in the pandemic existence? What past experiences and strategies do the artists have to convey? Can the knowledge of how a situation is interpreted artistically and how that interpretation is conveyed to an audience prove socially significant in a way that has not been previously noticed?

         It could be practical things like how to work from home most effectively, or about complicated psychological problems like how to motivate one's activities or avoid the frustration of loneliness. It is about new experiences and centuries of stored experience. Not least, it is about communication through art, about art as both an aesthetically, socially and politically relevant tool to explore and interpret the world today.

         The philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz imagined human beings as monads: beings completely closed within themselves, unable to convey their experience of reality; a globe floating in an empty space. But he modified this darksome view of existence and came to imagine monads with windows, openings to the outside world and other beings: monads with the possibility of communication.

        We can handle isolation. But a state without communication is devastating.

Open Call - closed for submissions

isolering kommunikationSketch by Martin Ålund & Torbjörn Johansson, 2020.

Instructions for artists:
Active artists (including art students at BA and MA level) apply with a clear and representative image of a work they want to include in the exhibition. The piece you are applying with can measure a maximum of 50 cm in height. Two-dimensional works (paintings, drawings, prints, photos, etc.) will be placed on the floor. Your work can be a maximum of 200 x 200 cm width and length, preferably smaller. The works should not be electronic (video, audio or lighting etc) and not require complicated installation. Your work can not take the form of performance or anything that requires the presence of the artist. The submitted picture must follow the applicant's name and information about the title, dimensions and materials of the work. The exhibition will take place in the main hall at Färgfabriken, with existing and natural light from the windows.

Instructions for poets:
Poets apply with a text of a maximum of one A4. The texts are placed by the respective poets on the two white walls existing in the main hall. The walls are large, but not all text will be able to hang at eye level. Think graphically! Also see the text as a visual object, preferably use color printers, hand illustrations, etc. The texts should not be placed within glass and frame but directly on the wall with double-sided adhesive tape or equivalent. The author's name must be clearly stated.

Application and admission:
Artworks and texts for Isolation | Communication will be selected by the curator group on the basis of the works' relevance to and function within the whole of the exhibition and the exhibition concept, see the concept text below.
Admitted artists and poets may come and leave or place their works in a way that follows the restrictions for Covid-19 according to the Swedish Public Health Authority, during the last two weekends in May, May 23-24 and May 30-31. More information will be sent out. Anyone who cannot come by themselves may send a personal representative.

Your application must be submitted before May 15, by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The exhibitions will be shown in a way that follows the directives of the Public Health Authority.

Time & Place

The main hall, Färgfabriken

June 2 - 14, 2020 (no vernissage)
Opening hours 12 am - 4 pm
NOTE: Closed on Monday, June 8

Admission: 20 SEK

Färgfabriken complies with the Swedish Health Authorities directives so as not to contribute to the spread of Covid-19. We will allow a maximum of 30 visitors at once, which will allow for sufficient space for each person. This could mean that you have to wait a short while if many people arrive at the same time. Call 08 645 07 07 if you have any questions. Welcome if you are symptom free!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Färgfabriken: Anders Bergmark
08-645 07 07

The Curator Group Muskot:

Members: Clara Diesen, author and artist
Jonas Ellerström, author, translator and publisher
Torbjörn Johansson, artist and runs Kummelholmen
Martin Ålund, artist and musician.
Muskot 2020 Fotograf Malin Arnedotter Bengtsson
The purpose of the group is to promote and clarify trends in contemporary art and literature in the form of the exhibition and the event, and to create contact areas between words and images. Individual efforts can be brought together and extract strength from each other, the whole can be more than the sum of the parts. Muskot (Swedish for Nutmeg) is a spice used too little; it's time to change that.



Alex Valijani
Alexandra Larsson Jacobson
André Nordström
Andreas Ribbung
Anja Olofgörs
Anna Nyberg
Anna-Kajsa Wikström
Arne Widman
Carl-Oscar Karlsson
Cecilia Hultman
Charlotte Åberg/Florence Montmare
Christina Olivecrona
Christofer Wallentin
Cissi Efraimsson
Daniela Hedman
Derin Gençer
Elise Mattisson Chue
Elle van Uden
Elsa Blomberg
Emille de Blanche
Filippa Barkman
Giulia Cairone
Gunilla Wiel-Svensson
Hanna Romin
Henning Rehnström
Henrik Ekesiöö
Håkan Bring
Ingrid Klintskog
Jakob Ojanen
Jan Marius Kiøsterud
Jenny Carlsson Grip
Jinhee Kang
Johan Lindström
Johan Willner/Peo Olsson
John Willgren
Jonas Vansteenkiste
Josefin Bergman
Kaisa Luukkonen
Kajsa Lindberg/Annika Bergström
Kevin Pihlblad Bogle
Leif Palmquist
Lena Flodman
Leonela Lilja
Lisa Manner
Lotta Döbling
Lovisa Ivenholt
Lucia Flores
Lukas Göthman
Malin Arnedotter Bengtsson
Mari Kretz
Maria Bernholm
Maria Koolen Hellmin
Maria Lundberg
Marie Holmgren
Martin Ålund
Mattias Bäcklin
Mikaela Steby Stenfalk
Monica Höll
Nicole Newsha Khadivi
Olivia Pettersson Fleur
Olle Borg
Oscar Furbacken
Oskar Hult
Peter Kinny
Petter Kreuger
Rebecca Farrensteiner
Rebecka Bebben Andersson
Richard G. Carlsson
Sanna Albenius
Sofia Zwahlen
Stina Persson
Sylvia Naimark
Thierry Mortier
Thomas Carlsson
Tilda Lovell
Timo Menke
Tina Eskilsson
Torbjörn Johansson
Åsa Andersson


Annalena Sandgren
Arvid Kraft
Carolina Thorell
Clara Diesen
Elin Bengtsson
Fanny Wallertz
Hannah Abrahamsson
Hannah Alexandersson
Johanna Ekström
Johanna Stillman
Johanna Tengblad
John Swedenmark
Jonas Ellerström
Lars-Håkan Svensson
Linnea Swedenmark
Maria Yvell
Mariam Naraghi
Mikael Rudesjö
Mona Hellsing Troili
Nils Gunnar Zander
Oscar Rossi
Pamela Jaskoviak
Petra Mölstad
Runa Halleraker
Sara Berg
Simon Skuteli
Sofia Stenström
Sonia Sagan
Ulrika Revenäs Strollo
Viktor Andersson


The exhibition is made with support from Stockholm konst:



With support from the City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Council