Stockholm Culture Night

– Art, performance and food in an industrial setting.

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Welcome to an evening of culture at Färgfabriken!

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Visit the exhibition "Delta and sediment",  presenting three contemporary expressions from Bangladesh; film, textile installation and photography by Yasmin Jahan Nupur, Munem Wasif and Suvra Kanti Das.

Collage Tyst vandring 1

The movement-based  interactive artwork "Silent walk" by Räserbyrrån takes you on unexplored pathways of the nature and urban landscape of Lövholmen's industrial area.  The participants are both observers and co-creators of the artwork. Lövholmen is the old indistrial site surrounding Färgfabriken.

You can also experience choreographer Paloma Madrid's performance Isla Bella - a dreamlike intervention that returns several times during the evening. Together with Dena Eidi, Francesca Barguena, Monica Albornoz, Petra Coppla Dahlberg, Sarah Guarino Florén, Tove Jonstoij. Light design by Lina Färje

The café will serve pinchos and dishes inspired by the exhibition Delta and sediment. To reserve a table, please call 08-645 33 07. The bar is open until midnight.




Date & Location

Saturday 27/4
Free admission 6 pm–12 pm


6 pm - midnight
Exhibition: Delta and sediment - Three contemporary expressions from Bangladesh

Recurring during the evening:
Performance by Paloma Madrid in the café 

 8 pm–10 pm
Silent Walk by Räserbyrån
15 minute introduction outside, walk 1,5 hours. Summarising discussion inside for those who want, around 15 minutes. Meeting point: Färgfabriken reception area.
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This event is one of many taking place throughout the city on this evening, as part of Stockholm culture night, which provides an opportunity to explore the culture scene of Stockholm.


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Delta and Sediment 

Stockholm Culture Night 

Paloma Madrid

Silent Walk

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