Recovering Data Remains: (Re)Working Knowledge

- Seeking an Any Thing from an uncertain time in the ruins of Rejmyre’s future - Daniel Peltz
- All that is data melts into air – Tina O’Connell/Neal White

Program at Färgfabriken:
- October 5-8: Exhibition
- October 4, 20:00-21:00: Recovering Data Remains: (Re)Working Knowledge, Daniel Peltz and Ioana Jucan, Opening performance
- October 6: 10:00-11:30:  Seminar/artist talk; Recovering Data Remains: (Re)Working Knowledge, Daniel Peltz and Tina O’Connell / Neal White, Discussion

Recovering Data Remains: (Re)Working Knowledge gathers, in the space of Färgfabriken, two separate works by Daniel Peltz (SE/USA) and Tina O’Connell/Neal White (IE/UK) that “mine,” perform, and reconstitute multilayered archives and histories. The pieces use different media and approaches (installation, sculpture, performance) to critically and philosophically explore data and its temporality through practices of recovery of lost works and objects. Shifting scales and research frameworks through these practices, the pieces extend scientific methodologies under the heading of “artistic research,” while also asking: What kinds of knowledge and ways of knowing may “artistic research” create or enable and what would it mean to call these kinds of knowledge "scientific”?


Daniel Peltz

Daniel Peltz

Daniel Peltz

Seeking An Any Thing From An Uncertain Time In The Ruins Of Rejmyre's Future

Peltz performatively inhabits the exhibition space with an installation containing remains from the archives of two different artistic research projects he initiated and led in remote industrial towns become tourist sites.

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Tina O’Connell/Neal White

Tina O’Connell/Neal White

Tina O’Connell/Neal White

All that is Data Melts into Air

O’Connell and White’s sculpture + installation piece grows out of an ongoing artistic research project which combines their interests in both material practices/sculptural and architectural language, and in the spaces of experimental inquiry in science and art.

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From Science to art (and back)

The final event of the research project

Science and art are usually held distinct due to the different kinds of processes they employ and the character of the conclusions that they draw. However, what if artists were to extend scientific methodologies while radicalising their stance in post-conceptual art under the heading ‘artistic research’? How can scientific data be pushed to the limits of representation?

The program at Färgfabriken is part of a concluding program for the Transpositions project, bringing concepts, data, artworks, and people together for a three-day set of events spread across Stockholm. It offers numerous opportunities to engage with transpositions in exhibitions, installations, performances, presentations, and discussions.

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Time & Place

October 4: 19:00-22:00: Exhibition Opening! Performance by Daniel Peltz and Ioana Jucan at 20-21, free admission, bar available.
October 5-8: The exhibition open during Färgfabriken's regular opening hours and is included in the entrance fee.
October 6: 10:00-11:30: Seminar/artist talk

The overall Transpositions program will happen in different locations around Stockholm October 4-6, 2017.
You can buy tickets for the whole program here.


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About Transpositions

The overall project Transpositions is a cooperation between the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and the University of Applied Arts Vienna and is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (PEEK AR 257).

Transpositions: From science to art (and back) is the final research event of the project, taking place in Stockholm 

The Exhibition at Färgfabriken:
Recovering Data Remains: (Re)Working Knowledge
constitutes a contribution to the final research event for the Transpositions project  From science to art (and back).

Recovering Data Remains: (Re)Working Knowledge is made possible by support from the project Transpositions: Artist Data Exploration research project led by Gerhard Eckel, Michael Schwab, David Pirrò.


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University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

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