The Monk

– Film screening of The Maw Naings feature film

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On the 27th of October Färgfabriken is screening The Maw Naings award winning feature film The Monk from 2014, at 7 PM in our main hall.

The same evening you can also enjoy After Work at Färgfabrikens café, where the bar will be open until 7 pm with great atmosphere, music, food and drinks.

The Monk
Burmese / Czech co-production, 95 min
Language: Burmese
Subtitle: English

The film follows a young boy named Zawana and his life in a Buddhist monastery in a small rural village in Burma. When the monastery's spiritual leader suddenly becomes ill, Zawana is forced to make a number of difficult and crucial decisions.
This is a story about a young man's search for identity and making your own decisions in a rapidly changing world.

For about ten years ago a democratization process started in Burma, after 50 years under military rule, and the expectations on the country's future are high among the population. Burma's political and social situation carries many similarities with the film's protagonists, who is also facing an unpredictable future which can both lead to new and great opportunities, as problems and recessions.

Film crew:
Director: The Maw Naing
Author: Aung Min
Photo: Tin Naing Win

Main cast:
Novice Zawana: Nyi Kyaw Thu
Mariar: He Newe Nyein
Abbot U Dahma: Thein Eng Myint
Munk Yawata: San Mow

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The Maw Naing (b. 1971)
The filmmaker, poet and artist The Maw Naing has long had the idea for the installation, In And Out of Thin Layer, in mind. The installation, which he participates with in the exhibition Balance and Provocation at Färgfabriken, consist of 60 hand-stitched mosquito nets. A first version of the nets was first materialize in film The Monk.

In Burma it is a common tradition for monks to use mosquito nets to meditate in. The nets creates a separate room for thoughts and reflection with their thin layers. Although The Maw Naing has an ambivalent and complex relationship to religion, he finds the essence of the buddhist practice of meditation as a useful knowledge. In In And Out of Thin Layer The Maw Naing raises issues of existentialism, what it means to be human and how we need to look to ourselves to thrive and to maintain peace.

The film is included in the admission fee to the exhibition, 60 SEK,
No advance notice is requirede but you registrate your participation at the entrance counter.


Date & Location

27th of October at 7 PM

After Work in Färgfabrikens café, with music, food and drinks, the bar is open to 7 PM

Film ticket is included in the admission fee: 60 SEK
No notice in advance is requirede but please register interest at the entrance.


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Balance and Provocation
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