A Silent Walk

– performancewalk in Gröndal with artist talk

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We propose a walk in Gröndal; to sharpen the senses, to get a different point of view.
Gröndal, which is on the outskirt of central Stockholm is a fascinating location where one easily gets access to nature in urbanity.

We will do a silent walk for about 90-120 minutes in a large group of people consisting of performers and audience. The set trail leads us on pathways through nature and the urban landscape of Gröndal. The group is supposed to stay close together and in the mode of a fine tuned attention over the whole duration of the walk. We intend to shift the perception by going into different modalities of walking and perceiving. Thereby we will slightly shift the focus to experience different aspects of the surroundings. We will try to see the unseen and listen to the unheard.
By dealing with subtle performative actions we will heighten the awareness in the group in order to perceive more delicate information.

The walk starts at Vinterviken and finishes at Färgfabriken, where we will have a final action in a performative format and talk about the experience of the walk.

We, who lead the group, are three dancers/choreographers. We have experience from various fields of performing; such as classical stage performances, site specifics, improvisation and experimental collaborations within different art fields. We have worked with community dance and leading movement practices with both professional dancers and non dancers.

Welcome to do a silent walk with us!

Ingo Reulecke, Berlin
Katarina Eriksson, Stockholm
Per Sacklén, Stockholm

This is a collaboration between Färgfabriken and Räserbyrån. Book your ticket heree.


Time & location

Friday June 10 at 11

Saturday June 11 at 13

Starting/gathering point: Winterviken, Vinterviksvägen 60

Finnish: Färgfabriken, Lövholmsbrinken 1


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Köp biljett

The price, 100 SEK, includes a light meal at Färgfabriken, book here.

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