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Turtle Salon in the Project Rooms is a weekend of artist film and video at Färgfabriken. The programme is a collaboration between the network Turtle Salon and the Artist Colony and presents an opportunity to see pieces chosen by the artists themselves, artists at different stages in their careers and with different approaches to the moving image.

Lawrence Weiner (US), Ori Gersht (ISR), Kjartan Slettemark & Hans Esselius (SE), Rod Dickinson (UK), Mikhail Karikis (GR), Rirkrit Tiravanija (AR), DoddaMaggý (IS), Michael Curran (UK), Sofia Dahlgren (SE), David Blandy (UK), Elín Hansdóttir (IS), Larry Achiampong (UK), Jem Cohen (US), Marlene Haring (AT), Michael H Shamberg (US), Elisabeth S Clark & Luke Aaron Clark (UK), Ruben Montini (IT), Alexander Pohnert (D), Bjørn Venø (NO), Ned Richardson (US), Francesco Fonassi (IT), Anthony Auerbach (UK), Meg Mosley (UK), Biters (Larry Achiampong & David Blandy) (UK), Nick Cash (UK), nüans (D,TR,JP), Sarah Miles (UK), Stephen Dorian Kutos (US), Sunee H Markosov (KR), Angelica Bergamini (IT), Anna Faroqhi & Haim Peretz (D), Daniel Devlin (UK), Eiji Suzue (JP), Joana Roberto (PT), Joshua Frankel (D), Katia Roessel (D), Martin Hardouin Duparc (FR), MJWB & the NOLA ARTICHOKE BAND (US), Ila Wingen (D), Linda Petersson (SE), Malin Ståhl (SE), Emma Wieslander (SE), Sara Bjarland (FI), Gerbrand Burger (NL), Alex Kent (UK) and Rebecca Mir Grady (US)

Download the program for June 6th and June 7th here.

During the weekend artist Malin Ståhl hosts drop-in workshops in basic animation techniques. Come by to make a stop-animation, a flip book or a thaumatrope! Suitable for all ages. Please sign up for the workshop at the counter in the entrance hall. Open Saturday and Sunday 13-15.

Here we have gathered some of the stop motion-animations that creative visitors made during the workshop on the weekend:


The programme was initially shown in Duved in Jämtland under the title Turtle Salon in the Forest. Under a star spangled August sky, eight hours of film and video was shown. Turtle Salon was started by Michael H Shamberg nearly a decade ago, just after he was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease. A few months after Turtle Salon in the Forest Michael H Shamberg passed away and we have decided to show the programme again as a hommage to Michael and as a promise for the network to live on.

About Turtle Salon
Turtle Salon is a network founded by Michael H. Shamberg and which for him characterizes an approach to life and art. Turtle Salon is an instigator in creating contact between artists and exhibitions and events are organised on a regular basis. The name is derived from an area of beach in-between Israel and Lebanon where tourists used to gather. By the force of civil war and conflict the beach was abandoned and became a place to the threatened sea turtle to thrive.
Michael H Shamberg is primarily know for his work as a music video producer, most notably his work with New Order, Patti Smith and R.E.M. He also made his own films and he has worked with artists Lawrence Weiner and Nancy Holt, Dan Graham, Vito Acconci and Robert Wilson among others.

About the Artist Colony
The Artist Colony is a place for artists to come together. With no requirement of ‘producing’ a group of artists meet to talk about art and explore subjects located outside of the trajectory of their own practice. Previously the Artist Colony have met at Solbacka in Borgå archipelago in Southern Finland and at Finca el Juncal in the Andalucian mountains in Southern Spain. In Finland the Artist Colony spent time exploring local traditions while in Spain the focus was on non- material explorations. In 2014 the Artist Colony gathered at Sällbacken in Duved in Jämtland to consider the screened and the mediated. This year we will meet at Upper Milton in Somerset in England to look into relationships to the landscape.

In memory of Michael H Shamberg and with grateful thanks to all the artists who are showing their work.

Turtle Salon

The Artist Colony


Photograph: Rebecca Mir Grady


Date & Location


6-7 June 2015, 11-16

Program 6 June

Program 7 June


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