Holistic Urbanism: STHLM – VAN – AMS

– Film night at Färgfabriken

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Färgfabriken, Metropolitan Collective, and LVBLCITY present: Hollistic Urbanism Film Night.

Cycling, walkability, and small scale rapid interventions.

For cities like Stockholm, Amsterdam and Vancouver; creating human-friendly spaces, places and mobility is playing an important role in the attractive contemporary city. But what do these efforts look like in practice? 

Holistic Urbanism: STHLM – VAN – AMS digs into this question through a series of short films from these cities and others who have transformed their visions into reality. These efforts can mean different things in different places but all have a clear focus on the city’s most important element – its people. Other than professional urban planners, architects and civil engineers, few people consider the various city-making activities separately from one another. Inspired by the everyday perspective of urban dwellers, and reflected through the films being screened, bottom-up holistic urbanism aims to overcome the barriers between conventional city-making disciplines and accounts for a diversity elements that influence and interact with one another at multiple scales. 

With films from Street Films and Vancouver Cycle Chic, as well as independent projects like Sounds for the City and classics like The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, the film night at Färgfabriken intends to spark discussion about the future of our cities. The free and open event aims create a relaxed atmosphere to promote exchanges among a range of people here in Stockholm.



Admission is free!
All films are in English or with English subtitles.

Special prizes on beer and wine in the bar, where you can also get popcorn, soup and wraps.

17:00 – Doors open for AW (movies streaming in bar)

18:00 – Screenings begin 

19:00 – Panel Discussion

19:30 – Refreshment and discussion break

20:00 – Screening Continue

21:00 – Mingle & Drinks

Panel – Rapid Urban Interventions: Stockholm Today & Tomorrow 

Katarina Fredrika – The Art of Urban Creation, Project Leader at Nacka Stad

Daniel Firth – Transport Strategist for the City of Stockholm

Alexander Ståhle – CEO at Spacescape, PhD in Urban Design

Moderator: Mitchell Reardon – Partner, Metropolitan Collective; Research Fellow, Nordregio



Vancouver Cycle Chic: Vancouver Cycle Chic began as a photo blog in 2010, documenting Vancouver's stylish people on bikes. After a lot of positive feedback about the blog, they decided to try our hand at other stuff, like events and films. They imagine a Vancouver where stylish people on bikes are commonplace. Where people are comfortable on bikes. Where bicycles help us express our personal style and connect with our neighbourhoods.

StreetFilms: Streetfilms produces short films showing how smart transportation design and policy can result in better places to live, work and play. Founded in 2006, Streetfilms has become the go-to organization for educational films about sustainable transportation, and inspires action and behavioral change worldwide. Individuals, public agencies, non-profit organizations, schools, and transportation advocacy groups use Streetfilms to educate decision makers and make change for livable streets in their communities.

Stina Lundkvist is a documentary filmmaker and editor based in Malmö, Sweden. She was educated at the European Film College in Denmark. She spent a great deal of time in South America, where she made the documentaries Killerbean (Brazil) and Tenerlo Todo (Chile) via Biskops Arnös College, prior to making Sounds for the City. Sergio Castrillón is a Colombian cellist and composer. He is a PhD candidate in classical music at the University of Helsinki and among other musical pursuit, searches for unconventional places to transform into suitable stages for contemporary music.

With additional screenings from:

Thinking City Amsterdam 

Urban Resort

William Whyte & PPS



Date & Location

Thursday November 13th, 17.00 - 22.00


karin (a) fargfabriken.se



Metropolitan Collective consists of individuals that share a holistic, people-first philosophy towards life and urban issues, with distinct, yet complementary skills in the fields of urban planning, engineering, design & architecture the collective work to integrate these fields on a daily basis. Metropolitan Collective is inter-disciplinary by nature.  Respect, appreciation and understanding is fostered through close cooperation between engineers, planners, architects and designers on every project.


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