Beckers Art Award 2014

– The award winner 2014 is David Molander.  

    The Award winner 2014, David Molander (b. 1983) took his bachelor of arts the year of 2010 at the School of Photography in Gothenburg after studying film and photography at Harvard University in Boston.

    The following years offered numerous exhibitions, both national and international. The year of 2011 Molander was awarded the Victor fellowship, which rendered a six months residency at Location One, New York.

    During his years as a photographer, Molander has unified digital photo- and film collages and animation interactively. Different elements of city life overlap, architecture meets man and creates new urban perspectives.

    Jury motivation

    The work of David Molander is characterized by a will to understand the city surroundings, how it functions and why it looks like it does. 
Already in his early photo studies Molander began to investigate the urban surroundings on the basis of specifically selected perspectives. It seems that his aspiration is to encircle the core of the urban society, where every part in a specific environment is depicted and merged in new constellations which boosts conspicuousness and with that comprehension. 
The daily propinquity to the surroundings may cause blindness and that is why Molander wants us to rediscover their original functions, paradoxical characters and concealed structures. 
Molander uses photography, film collage and animations to collect a variety of information which subsequently becomes a pervasive interpretation, marked with both fragmentation and density. 
In the encounter between architecture, bridges, streets and people occures both resplendent surroundings and extreme misery. With contrasts, as a ruling principle, Molander confronts the different parts of the urban life which in photography, animations and collage brings almost a sculptural-like presentation. David Molander is awarded the Beckers Art Award 2104 because he, with innovative new techniques, succeeds to interfuse a historical analysis which highlights both the poetic stillness and the brutal reality that reflects the callous rationality and the complex chaos of the modern urban society.

    /Magnus Jensner, Beckers Foundation.

    Beckers Art Award has, since its establishment in 1987, been awarded to several of Sweden’s most innovative and exciting young artists, such as Dan Wolgers (1989), Jockum Nordström (1999), Linn Fernström (2000), and Nathalie Djurberg (2006). The selected artist receives 150,000 SEK, as well as a solo exhibition organized in collaboration with Färgfabriken. Since 2000, the selected artist’s works have been exhibited in a solo show at Färgfabriken.  

    The jury: Jenny Lindén Urnes, Mårten Castenfors och Magnus Jensner.


    Date & Location

    25 jan – 9 mar 2014


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