Daniel Knorr, the installation Natural Cultural in Färgfabriken's main hall, 2011.

Contemporary Art

Färgfabriken shows art exhibitions with great zeal and dedication since 1995. Art can be challenging, reflective, gentle, thoughtful, intimidating, provocative.  Art gives us impetus for reflection, contemplation and debate. Art consists of many different dimensions and can not be captured in one system or form. The art displayed at Färgfabriken should be engaging and have integrity.

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The Opposite of Voice-Over, 2016

Bouchra Khalili

Him, 2001

Maurizio Cattelan

Beckers Art Award, 2007

Nathalie Djurberg

Retrospective, 2009

Ola Pehrson

Psychosis part I, 2011

Igor Grubić, Alma Suljević, Chto Delat? 

Psychosis part II, 2012

Matti Kallioinen, Maja Bajevic, Anderas Gedin

Sonja Nilsson, 2013


CJ konst

Clues, 2014

Carl Johan De Geer

Heri Dono 520

Animachines, 2015

Heri Dono


Past exhibitions are avaliable for viewing in our archive.